Dm Mobili
Italia_ 61122 Villa Fastiggi PU
Via Montanelli 3
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The DM Mobili company was founded in 1970 by the Del Prete family, which has a common passion and love for beautiful things created using the secrets of age old woodworking know-how.

Under the direction of the second generation, in the person of Del Prete Maurizio, the company has developed a global technological dimension, in which machines do not replace the underlying credo, but support it: a love for wood, a noble material which offers innumerable creative possibilities in furniture making.The warmth of valuable woods, classic design, “craftsman” workmanship, accurate down to the smallest detail, all give our furniture the harmonious beauty of times past.

Greek frets, intaglio, intarsia and secret drawers emphasise the value of each collection, interpreting taste and personality, and always with our top priority: high quality. For us, following a particular vocation in the realisation of custom designed projects means analysing the client’s requests and formulating suitable, functional and practical solutions. We offer impeccable service, supported and consolidated by timely, precise post-sales assistance. Private collections for your home in celebration of classic Italian furniture with excellent taste; unique products from DM Mobili a company which, for years, has continued to resolutely work using an age old woodworking tradition.

Dm Mobili d’arte
private collections for the home, a tribute to the ancient traditions of classic Italian furniture